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Tax Year End 2024

Tax Year End April 5th 2024 Graphic

Before the end of the tax year on Friday 5 April you may be able to take advantage of several allowances to reduce your tax liability to help your money go further. It is important to understand which allowances are beneficial to your long-term financial plan, get in touch with your friendly Financial Planner if […]

Intestacy limit breach delays uplift

A key intestacy limit was due to increase in December 2022, but the timing was overlooked until July 2023, and some estate beneficiaries may have lost out. Have you or your family been affected? “Get a Will and keep it up to date” is advice that often appears in the personal finance pages and elsewhere. […]

The case for increasing pension contributions

A new think tank report has highlighted the need to increase pension contributions, claiming that an 8% contribution does not ensure a comfortable retirement for most of the UK population. So, do you need to up your contributions? A new think tank report highlights the need to increase pension contributions. Over time, good ideas start […]

The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement

In his Autumn statement on 22 November Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, announced 110 different measures which would “help grow the British economy”. Here are the key changes from his presentation to Parliament..   Key Personal Changes: National Insurance The headline change was a reduction in employee Class 1 National Insurance employee contributions from 12% to 10% […]